Shweta Upadhyaya, Founder


Shweta is the Founder and CEO of Laavanya. She was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. After completing her high school in Kerala (India), she moved to Boston (USA) for her further studies. It took Shweta sometime before she realized what she wanted to do. She was an engineer by education, but after working for a year in the engineering field at Boston and San Jose, she decided to pursue a Diploma in Fashion Marketing and traveled to France. After completing the diploma course, she returned to the US and joined Saks Fifth Avenue, a high-end department store chain. Still searching for her inner passion, Shweta joined Vedika Global in California to study Ayurveda.

Shweta was captivated by Vedic philosophy and its spirituality. The depth of knowledge Ayurveda offered enchanted her. She began practicing Ayurvedic prescriptions and created several formulations for personal use, and shared them with friends. Witnessing the encouraging response to her formulations, she undertook five years of training in Ayurveda at Vedika Global, learning Ayurveda in classical Gurukul style.

After completing her five-year course, Shweta began noticing a void in the market for authentic Ayurvedic products that celebrated the principles and practices of this ancient practice of wellbeing. Combining her knowledge of Ayurveda and wellness, science and technology training, and fashion marketing experience, she came up with an entrepreneurial idea.

In 2012, Shweta returned to Nepal and started working on her idea – a premium ayurvedic skin care product line. Today, Laavanya has its manufacturing unit in Kathmandu, Nepal, and the products are available globally.